2022: SparkTrade Outperforms S&P, NASDAQ, Dow, and Russell 2000 by a LONG Shot

February 4, 2023

The year 2022 was a challenging one for financial markets, with the worst annual performance since the 2008 financial crisis. Despite the numerous turns and a greater number of down days than up days, SparkTrade.io’s AI performed exceptionally well.

Conventional financial analysis can often be unreliable, with many so-called knowledgeable analysts providing incorrect directional calls or lagging in their recommendations. This highlights the importance of a scorecard-based approach that holds analysts accountable for their analysis.

At SparkTrade, we have developed an artificial intelligence-powered trading platform that is based on a set of fixed rules created from 22 years of thorough research and performance during various financial cycles. Our process involved examining a comprehensive list of fundamental and technical indicators to determine the ones with the best outcome and risk-adjusted balance. Each trade rule was tested independently to optimize return while balancing downside risk.

The objective was to eliminate the psychological element in trading by adhering to a strict procedure, so that every trading day the computer could rigidly adhere to a sophisticated, well-researched, reproducible algorithm that maximized profit with a balance of risk by providing buy and sell signals and stop loss signals.

In the extremely competitive markets of 2022, SparkTrade succeeded by providing AI that operates based on both directional moves, given the restrictions of being all-in on either a long upward or a long downward movement. With the ability to provide AI that operates with a balance of risk and maximizing profits, SparkTrade is a valuable tool for traders and investors looking for a competitive edge in their financial strategies.

Insights on SparkTrade:

  1. SparkTrade outperforms either analytically or emotionally biased human input.
  2. SparkTrade is not intended for extreme price fluctuations in either direction. It is designed for consistent, dependable returns that are risk-adjusted.
  3. SparkTrade is an all-weather performer that routinely beats the SP 500 index the vast majority of the time, as demonstrated by over 22 years of tracking.
  4. Designed to manage, organize, and execute daily large amounts of data in excess of human capacity.

True artificial intelligence financial technology is now available to individuals interested in implementing it into their financial management at SparkTrade.io




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