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Our vision is to democratize AI and Machine Learning for all investors.

We are a team of Technology and Financial professionals with a vision to democratize AI and Machine Learning for all investors. These powerful tools have traditionally been accessible by only the largest and most sophisticated hedge funds. Our team of data scientists has made it easy to incorporate the most advanced technology into your portfolio management strategy in order to target winning trades everyday. 

Strategies and signals any investor can use. Our team develops actively-managed, AI/ML-powered, rules-based investment strategies for every level of responsible investor. Comprehensive equity portfolio strategies previously exclusively accessible by large institutional investors are now available to any investor.

Don’t let anyone make data sound mystical. It is not difficult to obtain data related to publicly traded equities. There’s a wide range of information available to virtually everybody, and analysts around the world pour over this data to pick and choose their spots. 

It’s what you do with the data that matters. Few are successful at consistently beating the market at the levels our tests demonstrate, because it’s nearly impossible to separate the signal from the noise on so many different types of companies without volumes of research updated at a high frequency. 

Our buy and sell signals have consistently outperformed the S&P 500 by 3.8x, since 2000. Using machine learning, we’ve developed a way to analyze thousands of equities each day, automatically generating buy and sell signals at a much higher frequency (and with much more current data) than other quant strategies. 

Everyday, we generate one LONG and one SHORT prediction score for every equity. Behind that signal generation is a number of proprietary approaches to synthesize fundamental/intrinsic valuation data, real-time technical trends related to price and volume, and logical trading rules and best practices that have been time-tested by proprietary trading firms to increase overall return profile and mitigates risk.

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