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Finally a service that tells you what’s coming, not what already happened.

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to help you make winning trades today.

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Benefit from’s years of R&D. We’ve done the work for you. 

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Our team of data scientists have made it easy to incorporate the most advanced technology into your portfolio management and trading strategy.’s Prediction Index: One simple number to drive action. Updated daily.

We give every equity in our universe a simple prediction score. Search and filter by individual equity, sector, or market cap.

Not a day trader? No problem. has two distinct portfolio approaches: the conservative approach changes holdings once a month and only involves taking long positions, while the aggressive approach changes some holdings once a day and involves both long and short positions. provides actionable LONG IDEAS and SHORT IDEAS every day.

This is your window into the future in order to maximize near term performance.

Manage risk. Maximize returns.

Use SparkTrade Prediction Scores to control risk and maximize returns. Increase your position into a positive Prediction Score and reduce your position when its predicting down returns.

Generate the most alpha in any sector.

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What you will get:

It works. performance simulation from 1999-2022

Chart shows performance as of December 31, 2022.

Disclaimer: is marketing its product using backtested results. The performance of the portfolio depicted below is based on hypothetical backtest results and is not reflective of any actual trading performance. Please see more about our disclaimers here.

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