Investing made Easy:’s AI Neural Network Takes the Guesswork Out of Investing

February 11, 2023

Investing in companies can be a complex task, and choosing the right approach can be challenging. You can choose to take a macro view, such as the SP 500 ETF, or a more precise view of a specific equity within a sector.

But what if you had access to the power of an AI neural network that could provide you with the optimal investment opportunity across the financial equity markets? That is where comes in.’s long buy and sell signals have consistently outperformed the S&P 500 over 20+ years. is an AI neural network designed to find opportunities on both the long and short side of the market. Let’s look at two examples:

  1. Investing in WW Grainger Inc (GWW) – Industrial sector: On January 3, 2023, GWW was trading at $554.03.’s LONG PREDICTION INDEX for GWW was 97. By Feb 10, 2023, GWW’s price had increased to 661.11, resulting in a 19.3% profit for long buyers. This is a 15.6% difference in profitability compared to the SP 500-20 Industrial Index Sector, which had a year-to-date appreciation of 3.73%.
  2. Shorting AngioDynamics Inc (ANGO) – Healthcare sector: On January 4, 2023, ANGO was trading at $15.48.’s SHORT PREDICTION INDEX for ANGO was 87. By Feb 10, 2023, ANGO’s price had fallen to $12.96, resulting in a 16.3% profit for short sellers. This is a 14.1% difference in profitability compared to the XLV Health Care Sector, which was down 2.19% year-to-date.


The days of broad diversification through indexing are losing popularity due to their limiting returns. Financial AI is the future of maximizing returns, and is a tool that can help you achieve that.







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